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AquaPeace: Why is it better than any other tinnitus product?

Scientists have made a strange discovery about Sea Anemones that changes everything we thought we knew about tinnitus. Specifically, it turns out that Sea Anemones are able to repair their auditory hair cells - which are the cells that enable them to hear. Humans have similar hair cells, yet we aren’t able to repair ours.

The secret to why Sea Anemones are able to repair their hair cells comes down to the fatty acids that they use to circulate nutrients through their bodies, along with those nutrients themselves.

In humans, we circulate nutrients throughout our bodies as well, yet when circulation becomes reduced, our ear hairs become deprived of those nutrients, which causes them to wither away. That’s what leads to tinnitus.

But this Deep Sea Hearing formula changes everything by improving circulation, thanks to the deep sea marine nutrients found inside, and then delivering these proven nutrients to our inner ears, where they nourish our ear hair cells and help them to thrive.