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This is literally a STEAL! You got to see this! Why are they all GLOATING about.

This is literally a STEAL! You got to see this! Why are they all GLOATING about.
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Fellow Networker,

Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark have just launched an
absolutely incredible new list mailer (You're going to love

So, what makes this project so unique?

Well, because the sooner you purchase the lower the price!

Wait, what?

The sooner that you join and upgrade the lower the price!

Prices started at about $8 and are increasing $.01 with
every sale.  In fact, the pricing could be increasing as you
are reading this!

But, wait, there’s more!  

The first 2,000 paid members get LIFETIME memberships, full
mailing rights to all members (both free and paid!).

Think about it... LIFETIME membership for just a few

Just to be clear, Frank Bauer has launched and still
operates programs such as ViralURL, InfinityTrafficBoost,
ViralHosts and TrafficZipper. 

A lifetime membership with a Frank Bauer program means a
LONG Time!

So, do this now, and Enjoy!

Join Mailer.Gold at this link ASAP:


Then, immediately process your purchase to get the best
pricing and, yes, you can use a credit card or crypto.

IMPORTANT ==> By using crypto to purchase you get a 10%
discount on the already ridiculously low price.

Then, once you have joined and purchased get some
advertising rolling because you will earn 60% commissions as
a gold member! Let your team know before someone else does!

Okay, pop over to Mailer.Gold now and grab the best
available pricing.

You'll be glad you did!


Phil Corneau